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Our Customers

At green star, we believe success is attained when we create value and deliver results for our customers.

Customers share our success when we create value by providing cost effective improvements to our client’s business.

Results are measured in terms of safety, time, cost and quality.  We believe we succeed when we deliver to the agreed specification, in a safe manner, on time and within budget.

So what drives our success?

We strive to make our work environment safe, inviting, inclusive and co-operative.  We feel engaged and connected to the business vision and mission. We seek out clarity, have a can-do attitude and we go the extra mile.  We are flexible, motivated and willing to play our part in driving for results.

And because our success is based around the delivery of your services, you share in our success.

Our Clientele

We work with some of Bahrain’s most recognizable businesses to help them achieve success. This includes: