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Power & Energy Metering

Smart Power & Energy meters

As a well established company, we understand that our customer’s needs are unique, which is why we offer individually tailored sub- metering and energy monitoring systems. This ensures that a reliable, robust platform is developed with which to accurately measure, monitor and manage energy consumption at a granular level, helping you manage your energy through smarter data.

Green star AC can provide one stop solution for your metering needs as we collaborate with OEM and we can provide end to end metering solutions for your need.  Our expert team of experienced metering specialists will tailor a solution based on your business requirements and objectives.

What is smart power & energy meter?

Smart Power & energy Meter is designed for single and three phase power monitoring and measurement. Multi-Function Power Meter provides wide range of measurements including current, voltage, energy, watt, power factor, watt-hour and frequency, etc. Multi-Function Power Meter also build-in RS485 can easily integrated with energy management software.

Where smart power and energy meters are used?

Energy meters with user-friendly features are used in
• Power Distribution Panels
• Motor Control Panel(MCC)
• Power Control Panel(PCC)
• Extrusion Machinery

Benefits of smart power & energy meters include:

  • Accurate energy usage data across the site
  • Measure, monitor & manage usage of key areas of the business
  • Compare usage data across multiple sites
  • Isolate the usage pattern of individual pieces of equipment
  • Provide intelligence for the development of energy management strategies

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