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Energy management sytem

Efficient control of energy costs begins with the precise measurement and centralized monitoring of all energy sources. Energy is a cost center and managing it using an EMS can reduce energy consumption up to 20%.

Optimize energy and lower your energy costs

Energy management systems are designed for customers who want to develop full control of their company’s energy performance. By monitoring and analyzing how a building consumes energy, adjustments can be made to optimize performance.

We make it easy to implement energy management solution

Greenstar enables you to make energy efficiency through an integrated approach across the energy management lifecycle, including metering and monitoring, energy efficiency implementation, tracking reporting and verification.

The Greenstar Advantage

  • We have the capabilities to integrate building energy management systems with meters and other accessories using different protocols.
  • Greenstar partnership with leading OEMs in the energy management space makes it possible to provide integrated solutions toward energy efficiency and management.
  • Greenstar provides organizations with the right tools to monitor and evaluate their energy consumption pattern. Companies can then make informed decision and take measures to lower energy usage or improve efficiency.
  • Greenstar solutions will help companies in these sectors to rein in their energy consumption and add to their bottom-line.
·         Commercial buildings

·         Shopping Malls

·         Condominiums & Apartment buildings

·         Hotels

·         Airports

·         Power generation plants

·         OEM

·         Steel / Foundry plants

·         Manufacturing Plants

·         Hospitals

·         Oil & Gas Plants

·         Schools, Colleges & Universities

·         Textiles, Glass industry

·         Pharma industry

·         Automobiles industry

·         Paint/ Chemical industry

Services We Provide

Energy Audits: Conduct detailed energy audits of facilities to identify energy efficiency initiatives.

Integrated Energy Management Platform: Design and deploy an integrated energy management platform that covers all type of facilities and energy sources across the enterprise operations.

Energy Management Service: Leverage our partnerships with an Leading OEM, to provide end-to-end energy management services that cover the following:

  • Deploy metering and monitoring infrastructure
  • Implement energy monitoring systems
  • Provide remote monitoring and energy analytics
  • Track the effectiveness of energy efficiency initiatives online

Why energy management?

The rapid pace of urbanization has led to an unprecedented increase in energy consumption across the globe. Governments worldwide have called for the reduction of carbon footprint and underscored the need to conserve power. With the rising energy costs and increasing environmental awareness, large energy users are increasingly conscious about reducing their energy consumption.

How it works?

EMS system is based on a flexible, expandable, multi-tier architecture. It can accommodate a variety of metering networks, such as Mod Bus, GSM/GPRS, and TCP/IP. The EMS software communicates with those networks through a standardized platform, which allows you to start with a simple system and gradually expand to a large metering system.

EMS system communicates with utility meters using Mod Bus protocol. It can also be extended to other protocols such as Modbus. This allows other brand utility meters to be integrated into the EMS system.

Key Benefits:

Energy management system attempts to reduce costs through the following measures:

  • Load shifting & balancing
  • Accurate demand prediction
  • Night purge/summer pre-cooling
  • Variable speed drives
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Breaker status monitoring
  • Planned preventive maintenance

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