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Chillers control system

For customers that demand more from their chillers

Reduce your hotels or buildings operating costs with our chiller controls

With the growing concern about energy consumption, Greenstar has made it a priority to partner with manufacturers who share our goals in providing the most environmentally responsible and resource-efficient products including air handlers and also high-efficiency chillers, boilers and air-side systems.

Greenstar has extensive application experience in chiller control systems. We can retrofit almost any chiller.

Easy-to-Operate Control Panel

Each control system comes with a large, user-friendly operator interface that provides a wide array of operational and diagnostic information. No more cryptic codes or confusing instruction manuals. The control panel is easy to access, view and operate.


Standard Controller Features

  • Set point and process supply and return temperature displays
  • Unit alarms easily reset on control panel
  • Password protected operational parameters
  • 1 minute compressor cycling delay (start-to-start) prevents excessive compressor cycling
  • RTD temperature sensors and full PID temperature control loops provide accurate and consistent temperatures for +/- 1°F accuracy
  • Start-to-start anti-cycle timer prevents short-cycling of compressor while minimizing unnecessary off periods
  • Display of compressor and pump running hours helps with scheduling routine maintenance
  • Master reset function to restore factory default settings
  • Adjustable deviation alarm timer delay to prevent nuisance alarms during start-up
  • Temperature deviation warnings provide an adjustable deviation set point to indicate abnormal operation of chiller or process equipment without shutting down the chiller
  • Temperature deviation alarms provide critical condition shut down of the chiller to protect against equipment damage
  • Return water temperature display for quick monitoring from the control panel
  • Reservoir low level alarm and cut-off safety shuts down if there is not enough water
  • High and low supply temperature deviation warnings and alarms
  • Tank critical low level alarm
  • Loss of flow alarm
  • Freeze stat alarm
  • Pump motor overload alarm
  • Refrigeration high pressure and low pressure alarms
  • Supply and return temperature sensor fault alarms
  • Freeze stat sensor fault alarm

The greenstar Chiller controller can be configured to control:

  • Centrifugal Chiller
  • Reciprocating Chiller
  • Scroll Chiller
  • Absorption Chiller