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Building Automation Controls

We Ensure a Long Life for Your Building Controls

Green star central air conditioning contracting offers a variety of building automation systems from various leading manufacturers. From a simple communicating thermostat application to a complex integration of multiple communication protocols and multiple manufacturer application we have a solution.

Green star central air conditioning contracting is in the unique position to provide the best solution for the client. Through our vendor partners, Green star central Air Conditioning Contracting can provide full integration services to clients that match their unique needs.

Green star central Air Conditioning Contracting Solutions learns about your project and is able to identify any unforeseen issues or circumstances early on in the process.

Green star central Air Conditioning Contracting provides an experienced and proven team of Professionals to fulfill your needs for process control, factory automation information systems in a variety of industries.

As systems integrators, we bridge the gap between your building’s legacy system and today’s advanced building automation technology systems

With features such as centralized, intelligent energy management and efficient and innovative energy-saving programs, and the effective integration of all system components and processes, your building will achieve significant cost and energy savings.

We do
Total Project planning and management

  • Design, development and implementation
  • On site start up services
  • User training
  • Post implementation support

Green star can provide you with the right solution for your building. To send us your enquiry, please contact us.